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2002 Conference: March 8-10


"Interfacing Knowledge" DC-MRG 2002 Conference Program

  March 8-10, 2002. All sessions held in the McCune Conference Room, 6020 HSSB (Humanities and Social Sciences Building).
Friday, March 8 2002
[audio] 9:30-9:40: Brief Opening Remarks by Dean David Marshall, Mark Meadow, Bill Warner
  9:40-11:35: History of Knowledge Interfaces
  Chair: J. Hillis Miller (English and Comparative Literature, UC/Irvine)
  Clifford Siskin (English, U of Glasgow), "Interfacing with Writing: Clubs and Systems in Eighteenth-Century Print Culture"
  Wolfgang Ernst (Bauhaus-Universitšt, Weimar), "Replacing Faces by Interfaces: an Archeology of Media-Knowledge"

Christian Jacob (Director of Research, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique), "From Alexandria to Alexandria: Scholarly Interfaces of a Universal Library"

  11:45-1:00: Humanities Interface Demonstration
  Chair: Mark Meadow (UC/ Santa Barbara, Microcosms)
[audio] Mark Meadow (History of Art, UC/Santa Barbara, Microcosms), "Memory, Place and the Sixteenth-Century Interface"
[audio] Philip Sallis (Auckland University of Technology) and Brendan Dobbs (Computer Engineering Research Lab, Auckland University of Technology), "Camillo Scholars Resource Management Project"
[audio] Discussion
Break for Lunch
  2:30-4:30 Philosophy of Information
[audio] Chair: Sarah Pritchard (University Librarian, UC/Santa Barbara)
[audio] Espen Aarseth (U of Bergen), "So What Else Is New: Computers and the Academic Construction of New Media"
[audio] Mark Poster (Director of Film Studies, Professor of History, UC/Irvine), "Perfect Transmissions"
[audio] Jay David Bolter (Wesley Professor of New Media, Georgia Institute of Technology), "The Digital Interface as Window and Mirror"
[audio] Discussion[audio]
  4:45-6:45 Keynote
  Introduction: William Warner (English, UC/Santa Barbara)
[audio] Alan Kay, ""The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet"
Saturday, March 9 2002
[audio] 9:00-9:15 Opening Remarks by Dick Hebdige (IHC Director, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UC/Santa Barbara)
  9:15-11:00 New media Interfaces: A Panel Discussion
[audio] Chair: Sue-Ellen Case (Theater, UC/Los Angeles)
[audio] Lisa Parks, (Film Studies, UCSB), "Kinetic Screens: Epistemologies of Movement at the Interface"
[audio] Margaret Morse, (Film and Digital Media, UC/Santa Cruz), "The Poetics of Interactivity"
[audio] Rita Raley, (English, UC/Santa Barbara), "Interferences: Elements of Style at the Interface."
[audio] Discussion
  11:15-1:00 Authorship and the Interface
[audio] Chair:William Warner
[audio] George Legrady, (Media Arts & Technology, Art Studio, UC/Santa Barbara), "Interface Metaphors: A Site of Authorship"
[audio] Sharon Daniel (Film and Digital Media, UC/Santa Cruz), "Collaboration and Agency: Need_X_Change as Community Interface"
Break for Lunch
  2:30-4:30 Scholar Networks: A Panel Discussion
[audio] Chair: Robert Essick (English, UC/Riverside)
[audio] Leigh Star (Communication, UC/San Diego), "The Textures of Infrastructure"
[audio] Geof Bowker (Communication, UC/San Diego), "When the Local Meets the Global in the Infrastructure"
[audio] Bruce Robertson (History of Art, UC/Santa Barbara, Microcosms), "Mapping Scholar Networks on the Campus: the case of the University of London"
[audio] Larry Carver (Library, UCSB), "The Evolution of the Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) Design"
  4:45-6:15 Moderated Discussion
[audio] by Rosemary Joyce (Anthropology, UC/Berkeley)
[audio] Discussion
Sunday, March 10 2002
  9:30-11:30 Social-Political Implications of the Interface: Panel Discussion
[audio] Chair: Mark Bartlett (California College of Arts and Crafts)
[audio] Warren Sack (SIMS, UC/Berkeley ), "Online Public Space and Public Discourse"
[audio] William Warner (English, UC/Santa Barbara), "Enlightened Anonymity"
[audio] Sue-Ellen Case (Theater, UC/Los Angeles), "Sexing the Interface: Gender, Sex and the Avatar"
[audio] Bruce Bimber (Political Science, UC/Santa Barbara, Director Center for Information Technology and Society), "Common Knowledge: Multiplying the Interface in Public Life"
[audio] Discussion
Break for Lunch
  1:00-3:00: Reinventing the Interface
[audio] Chair: Robert Nideffer (Information Studies and Art Studio, UC/Irvine)
[audio] Katherine Hayles (English, UC/Los Angeles), "Material Metaphors and Inscription Technologies: Re-Imagining the Interface"
[audio] Lev Manovich (Visual Arts Department, UC/San Diego), "From Cultural Interfaces to Info-Aesthetics" (Or: from Myst to OS X)
[audio] Peter Lunenfeld (Art Center College of Design, Pasadena), "Visual Intellectuals and Networked Ideals"
[audio] Alan Liu (UCSB), "The Art of Extraction: Toward a Cultural History and Aesthetics of XML and Database-Driven Web Sites"
  3:15-4:45PM: Moderated
[audio] by Mark Meadow and William Warner

Discussion Threads from the Conference
Compiled by William Warner

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