online public space and public discourse

software users :: from soldiers, to consumers, to citizens

new users ::>> new architectures
    :: alan kay's work on comp. tech. for children
    :: client-server ::>> peer2peer

new users as design method
    :: computers as theater (laurel)
    :: personae (cooper)
    :: ethnomethodology (suchman via garfinkel & goffman)

citizens, soldier-citizens, consumer-citizens...

what to citizens do?  decide + discuss

citizen <----> citizen

citizen <--...--> citizen

guillaume de la perriere via foucault:
" la perriere's text you will notice that the definition of government in no way refers to territory.  one governs things.  i do not think think this is  matter of opposing things to men, but rather of showing that what government has to do with is not territory but rather a sort of complex composed of men and things."
    :: cf., bruno latour's "parliament of things"
    ::>> nation-state?

what are these things?
    :: habermas :: coffeehouses & newspapers
    :: cf., anderson's "print capitalism"

design as translation

re-inventing the materialities of dialectics
    :: philosophy
    :: :: socrates/sophists (from poetry to prose)
    :: :: plato, aristotle, kant, hegel, marx, adorno...
    :: art & design
    :: :: viktor shklovsky/russian formlists (ostranenie)
    :: :: brecht (“estrangement-effect” :: verfremdung)
    :: :: constructivists (faktura)
    :: :: eisenstein (montage)