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Thursday, November 6

William Warner Welcomes Participants to the Conference (Quicktime 618KB)

Larry Berman (UCDC) Welcomes the Conference to UCDC (Quicktime 3.32MB)

William Warner (UC Santa Barbara)
     "Broadcasting and Networking" (Quicktime 19.91MB) (PowerPoint Presentation) (Word Document)

Plenary Speakers: "Digital Copyright: A Washington Policy Briefing"

William Warner Introduces the Plenary Speakers (Quicktime 1.07MB)

Peter Jaszi (Washington College of Law, America U)
      Introduction to Sarah Deutsch (Quicktime 4.29MB)

Sarah Deutsch (Verizon)
     "RIAA/Verizon/'Jane Doe' subpoena case" (Quicktime 18.75MB)

Questions for Sarah Deutsch
(Quicktime 21.40MB)

Peter Jaszi (Washington College of Law, America U)
     Plenary Speech
     Part One (Quicktime 3.54MB)
     Part Two (Quicktime 26.66MB)

Questions for Peter Jaszi (Quicktime4.75MB)

Panel 1: Changing the Network Infrastructure: Threats and Possibilities

Gigi Sohn Introduction to Panel 1 (Quicktime 1.64MB)

Alex Alben (candidate for Congress,formerly of RealNetworks)
     "Barriers to Digital Media Delivery from a Government Policy Perspective"
      (Quicktime 18.05MB)      
     (PowerPoint Presentation)

Jonathan Band (Morrison & Foerster)
     "The International Computer Network and the International Copyright System"
     (Quicktime 14.04MB)      
     (PowerPoint Presentation)

Gigi Sohn (Public Knowledge) Chair
     "Threats to the Networked Computer in Congress, FCC, and the Copyprotection Working Group"
     (Quicktime 17.58MB)

Questions for Panel 1 (Quicktime 9.57MB)

Panel 2: Music, Culture and Copyright

William Warner Introduction to Panel 2 (Quicktime 1.16MB)

Barry Kernfeld (Independent Scholar)
     "Pop Song Piracy, Fake Books, and A Pre-History of Sampling"
(Quicktime 14.01MB) (Word Document)
     Barry Kernfeld on Saxophone (Quicktime 269KB)

John Cruz (UC Santa Barbara)
     "Subaltern Cultures and Copyright Online" (Quicktime 20.34MB)

Mitchell Glazier (Senior Vice President of Government Relations & Legislative Council, RIAA)
     Presentation (Quicktime 13.81KB)

Questions for Panel 2
     Part One (Quicktime 9.77MB)
     Part Two (Quicktime 21.68MB)

Friday, November 7
Plenary: "Strategies and Tactics in the Battle Over Content in the Digital Age"

Peter Jaszi (Washington College of Law, America U)
      Introduction (Quicktime 1.87MB)

Randall Davis, (MIT, Computer Science)
      Plenary Speech (Quicktime 39.28MB) (PowerPoint Presentation)

Questions for Randall Davis (Quicktime 13.78MB)

Super-Panel 3: DRM, Privacy, and Peer-2-Peer File Sharing

Part 1: Law and Culture
Jennifer Urban ( Samuelson Law Clinic) Introduction to Panel 3, Part 1 (Quicktime 1.16MB)

Jim Burger (Dow, Lohnes and Albertson)
     "DRM and the Broadcast Flag"
(Quicktime 14.59MB)

Julie Cohen (Georgetown Law)
     "Copyright, User privacy, and the Design of DRM Systems"

     Part One (Quicktime 3.85MB)
Part Two (Quicktime 11.78MB)

Jessica Litman (Wayne State U)
     "Copyright law and Peer-to-Peer File Sharing"
(Quicktime 12.01MB)

Questions for Panel 3 Part 1 (Quicktime 20.22MB)

Part 2: Views from the Hill
Introduction to Panel 3, Part 2 (Quicktime 2.41MB)

Hillary Brill (Counsel to Congressman Rick Boucher)
     Congressman Rick Boucher on the Need to Reaffirm Fair Use (Word Document)
     "DRM: A View from the Hill"
(Quicktime 11.08MB)

Alec French (Minority Counsel,House Judiciary Committee)
     "IP in the Networked Environment: Balancing Liabilities, Responsibilities, and Rights"
(Quicktime 17.45MB)
(Word Document)

Questions for Super Panel 3
      Part One (Quicktime 13.55MB)
      Part Two (Quicktime 6.44MB)
      Part Three (Quicktime 7.40MB)

Panel 4: Open Source Software

Jeremy Douglass (UC Santa Barbara) Introduction to Panel 4 (Quicktime 1.65MB)

Ian Clarke (Freenet)
     "Freenet: Ensuring Freedom of Communication on the Internet" (Quicktime 23.42MB)

Francis Steen (UC Los Angeles)
     "Why Write Software for Free?" (Quicktime 32.09MB)

Questions for Panel 4 (Quicktime 13.17MB)

Panel 5: Art and Theft

John Cruz (UC Santa Barbara) Introduction to Panel 5 (Quicktime 1.21MB)

Carrie McLaren (Stay Free! Magazine)
    "" (Quicktime 12.80MB) (PowerPoint Presentation)

Mark Poster (UC Irvine)
    "Who Controls Culture?" (Quicktime 15.39MB)

Shu Lea Cheang (Zurich)
    "The Kingdom of Piracy" (Quicktime 18.46MB)

Questions for Panel 5
Camera A (Quicktime 19.85MB)
    Camera B
(Quicktime 19.79MB)

Plenary: "Politics, Stakeholder Self-Interest, and the Construction of the Public Domain"

Mark Rose (UC Santa Barbara) Introduction to James Boyle (Quicktime 1.33MB)

James Boyle (Duke U Law School)
     Plenary Speech
     Part One (Quicktime 21.21MB)
     Part Two(Quicktime 2.34MB)

     Part Three(Quicktime 9.04MB)

     Questions for James Boyle (Quicktime 19.53MB)

     Additional Question for James Boyle (Quicktime 2.42MB)

Panel 6: Public Cultures and Copyright

Dale Kunkel (UC Santa Barbara, UC Washington Center) Introduction to Panel 6 (Quicktime 797KB)

Laurie Racine (Center for the Public Domain and Lear Center at USC)
     "The Ecology of Creativity in Fashion and Entertainment" (Quicktime 16.98MB)

Siva Vaidhyanathan (New York U)
     "Global Piracy: The Real Copyright Crisis" (Quicktime 15.84MB)

Robert Nideffer (UC Irvine)
    "Copyright or Copywrong: The Case of and
     Hacking for Interoperability"
(Quicktime 13.96MB)

Jenny Cool (Artist, Filmmaker, Producer)
     "Report on the Documentary: Copyright in the Age of
      Digital Reproduction
     Part One (Quicktime 2.15 MB)
Part Two (Quicktime 13.81MB)

Questions for Panel 6 (Quicktime 21.21MB)

Saturday, November 8
Plenary: "Freedom to Tinker: Reconciling Cultural and Technical Creativity"

Wendy Seltzer (Electronic Freedom Frontier) Introduction to Plenary (Quicktime 2.26MB)

Ed Felten (Computer Science, Princeton U)
     Plenary Speech (Quicktime 30.71MB)

Questions for Ed Felten (Quicktime 20.68MB)

Panel 7: Copyright and Technical Change

Clifford Siskin (Columbia U) Introduction to Panel 7 (Quicktime 10.42MB) (Word Document)

Mark Rose (UC Santa Barbara)
     "Technology and Copyright in 1735: The Engraver's Act" (Quicktime 12.73MB)

Noah Wardrip-Fruin (Electronic Literature Org.)
     "Ted Nelson, Copyright and 'Literary Machines' (1981)" (Quicktime 14.45MB) (PDF)

Jennifer Urban (Samuelson Law Clinic)
     "The Mutual Influence of Copyright and Technology" (Quicktime 19.91MB)

Wendy Seltzer (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
     "Thwarting Innovation With the DMCA" (Quicktime 19.83MB)

Questions for Panel 7 (Quicktime 32.36MB)

Panel 8: Institutions in the Middle of the Copyright Wars:
              Museums, Libraries and Universities

Mark Rose (UC Santa Barbara) Introduction to Panel 8 (Quicktime 1.83MB)

David L. Green (former Exec. Dir. of NINCH)
     "Two Faces of DRM"
      (Quicktime 19.31MB)
      (PowerPoint Presentation)

Rina Pantalony (Canadian Heritage Information Network)
"CHIN's Virtual Museum of Canada:
     Overcoming the Fear Factor in Granting Public Access to Content"

      (Quicktime 25.66MB)
      (PowerPoint Presentation)

John Vaughn (Association of American Universities)
    "The Joint Committee: a Cooperative Response to Campus P2P
     File Sharing"
(Quicktime 22.42MB) (PowerPoint Presentation)

Questions for Panel 8 (Quicktime 22.97MB)

Panel 9: Preservation and Copyright

Noah Wardrip-Fruin (Electronic Literature Org.) Introduction to Panel 9 (Quicktime 945KB)

J. Hillis Miller (UC Irvine)
     "The Disappearance of Literature"
(Quicktime 16.34MB)
     (Word Document)

Laura Gasaway (U of North Carolina Law School)
     "Digital Preservation and Copyright" (Quicktime 13.69MB)

Nick Montfort (U of Pennsylvania)
     "Condemned to Reload It: Forgetting New Media"
(Quicktime 15.80MB)
     (Link to Presentation)

Questions for Panel 9 (Quicktime 14.79MB)

"Adventures in Illegal Art: Creative Media Resistance & Negativland"

Video Introduction (Quicktime 1.08MB)

Robert Nideffer (UC Irvine) Introduction to Performance (Quicktime 3.59MB)

Mark Hosler (Negativland)

Introduction to Negativland and "Truth in Advertising" (Quicktime 5.98MB)
"Truth in Advertising" Video
(Quicktime 3.48MB)
Introduction to "Guns"
(Quicktime 3.29MB)
"Guns" Video
(Quicktime 7.79MB)
Introduction to "Christianity is Bad" and News Hoax
(Quicktime 19.34MB)
News Report Video
(Quicktime 3.48MB)
Introduction to U2/Casey Kasem Case
(Quicktime 11.96MB)
U2/Casey Kasem Video
(Quicktime 5.90MB)
More on the U2/Casey Kasem Case
(Quicktime 7.04MB)
Introduction to "Gimmee the Mermaid"
(Quicktime 3.07MB)
"Gimmee the Mermaid Video"
(Quicktime 4.75MB)
Conclusion and Questions
(Quicktime 15.36MB)

Bill Warner's Brief Report on the Conference (Word Document)
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