The Digital Cultures Project Multi-Campus Research Group (DC-MRG) is administered by the Director and a rotating Advisory Committee composed of one representative from each of the eight general University of California campuses. The MRG consists of the following faculty:
June 2002: New Digital Cultures Project members:
Mark Goble and Lisa Parks
William Warner English, UC Santa Barbara
Advisory Committee:
Sue-Ellen Case Department of Theatre, Critical Studies, UC Los Angeles
Katherine Hayles English, UC Los Angeles
George Legrady Department of Art Studio and MAT, UC Santa Barbara
Alan Liu English, UC Santa Barbara
Peter Lyman Political Science and School of Information Management and Systems, UC Berkeley
Mark Poster History and Visual Studies, UC Irvine
Leigh Star Communication, UC San Diego
Geof Bowker Communication, UC San Diego
Sharon Daniel Film and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz and UCDarnet
Robert Essick English, UC Riverside
Anne Friedberg Visual Studies, UC Irvine
Mark Goble English, UC Irvine
Earl Jackson Literature, UC Santa Cruz
Lev Manovich Visual Arts Department, University of California, San Diego.
Mark Meadow Department of Art History, UC Santa Barbara
J. Hillis Miller English and Comparative Literature, UC Irvine
Robert Nideffer Information Studies and Art Studio, UC Irvine and UCDarnet
Lisa Parks Film Studies, UC Santa Barbara
Rita Raley English, UC Santa Barbara
Bruce Robertson Department of Art History, UC Santa Barbara
Mark Rose English, UC Santa Barbara
Warren Sack Department of Film and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz
Former Members:
Daniel Schiller Communication, UC San Diego
Samuel Weber English, UC Los Angeles


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