2004 Graduate Conference Terms


Conference Thu-Fri April 22-23, 2004

narr@tive: digital storytelling
Panel Sessions & eLiterature Readings / New Media Performances @ UCLA

Katherine Hayles
(UCLA, English and Design | Media Arts)

Rita Raley
(UCSB English)

Guest Graduates:

Nick Montfort
Noah Wardrip-Fruin

How is digital culture transforming the stories we tell and our modes of telling them?

Digital technology is frequently invoked as a trope of both continuity and rupture in our time. Digital cultures articulate and are articulated, speak and segment, transforming bits and pieces into stories and stories back into bits. But how? Motivating the focus of this conference is a questioning of how our practices of reading, writing, creating, analyzing, publishing, teaching, and thinking are being transformed by the Digital.

This UC graduate conference addresses the narratives in and surrounding digital cultures, addressing the topic across such disciplinary fields as:

  • literature and poetics
  • copyrights and archiving
  • e-journals and publication practices
  • code and linguistics
  • games and interactive narratives
  • scholarship systems and networks

The final event of the conference will be an evening of student work-

Electronic Literature Readings
& New Media Art Performances

held at the UCLA Hammer Museum as part of the
"HyperText: Explorations in Electronic Literature" Reading Series,
co-sponsored by the Electronic Literature Organization.


Narr@tive: Digital Storytelling

a UC Digital Cultures Graduate Conference

UCLA Hammer Museum, Gallery 6

April 22-23, 2004


08:30-09:00             Coffee and pastries

09:00-09:10             Welcome

Jessica Pressman (UCLA, English)

09:15-10:15             Keynote: Katherine Hayles

Katherine Hayles (UCLA, English, Design | Media Arts)

10:15-10:30             Break

10:30-11:30             Re:write: Literature and Art

The Medium is the Message or Flashbacks Providing Perceptions of Simultaneity: The Presence of the Poet in New Media Paradigms

Stephani Bardin (University of Maine, Poetics)

                                The Poetics of the Page-Space

Braxton Soderman (CalArts, Critical Studies)


Jason Brown (CalArts, Critical Studies)

12:00-01:30             Lunch (on your own in Westwood)

01:30-02:45             Re:place: Mixed Reality Play

                                Suspension of Belief: Performance in Mixed Reality Play

Jane McGonigal (UC Berkeley, Performance Studies)

Mobile and Pervasive Gaming: Creating a Hybrid Reality by the Blurring of Borders Between the Physical and the Virtual

Adriana de Souza e Silva (UCLA, CRESST)

                                Welcome to the C District -a Mobile Performance of City as Theater

Carolyn Lambert (Carnegie Mellon, College of Fine Art)

Robin Hewlett (Carnegie Mellon, College of Fine Art)

Siobhan Rigg (Carnegie Mellon, College of Fine Art)

02:45-03:45             Re:view: Cinema & Media Specific Theory

                                Notes on Interactive Cinema

Scott Ruston (USC, Critical Studies, School of Cinema and Television)

                                If These Walls Could Talk: Environmental Agency in Cinematic Narrative Construction

D. Scott Hessels (UCLA, Design | Media Arts)

03:45-04:00             Break

04:00-05:00             Guest Speakers: Community, Creativity, Research

                                Figuring Interactive Fiction

Nick Montfort (University of Pennsylvania, Computer and Information Science)

                                Playable Media, Textual Instruments

Noah Wardrip-Fruin (Traveling Scholar, Brown University Visiting Researcher, Digital Arts and New Media, UC Santa Cruz)

05:00-07:00             Happy Hour: Palamino Restaurant


08:30-09:00             Coffee and pastries

09:00-09:10             Welcome Back

Jeremy Douglass (UCSB, English)

09:15-10:15             Keynote: Rita Raley

Rita Raley (UCSB, English)

10:15-10:30             Break

10:30-11:30             Re:work: Organizing Tropes

                                One Million Kingdoms:  Database as Narrative and Cultural Form

Zabet Patterson (UC Berkeley, Rhetoric)

                                CVS and Distributive Writing using Common Open Source "Social Software"

Jon Phillips (UCSD, Visual Arts, CRCA)

Patrick W. Deegan (UCSD, Visual Arts, CRCA)

11:30-01:00             Lunch

01:00-02:00             Re:live: Cultural Narratives

                                Chatbots and Performative Citation

Mark C. Marino (UC Riverside, English)

                                Angel Babies: Women's Webs of Loss and Transformation

Kris Nesbitt (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  Folklore)

Between History and Memory:  The Digitization of Holocaust Testimony in the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation

Noah Shenker (USC Critical Studies, School of Cinema and Television)

02:00-03:00             Re:play: Games

                                Siblings (and Doppelgangers) in Video Games

Laurie Taylor (U Florida, English)

                                Survival Horror Stories: Musical/Aural/Psychological Landscapes

Zach Whalen (U Florida, English)

Fear and Loathing in Raccoon City: Interactivity, Emotions, and Narrative in Survivor Horror Video Games

Sean Fenty (U Florida, English)

03:00-03:30             Break

03:30-04:00             Re:take: POV and Interactive Documentary

                                Love & Diane Interactive Timeline' - PBS POV Documentary Film Series

eTV Research Group (Georgia Institute of Technology, Information Design and Technology)

Tom Banaszewski                Zuley Clarke                Engin Erdogan

Sharon Haber                Jennifer Haskins                Karyn Lu

Zhiyu Wang

04:00-05:00             Professionalization Roundtable

                                Katherine Hayles, Rita Raley

Nick Montfort, Noah Wardrip-Fruin


05:30-06:00             Tech check for Readers

07:00-08:30             hyper_text: Explorations in Electronic Literature

                                Graduate eliterature readings and new media performances. Part of the yearlong reading series sponsored by the UCLA Hammer Museum and the Electronic Literature Organization (www.eliterature.org) 

Gabe Dunne (UCLA, Design | Media Arts)

Mark C. Marino (UC Riverside, English Department)

Joel Swanson (UCSD, Fine Arts)

Angie Waller (UCLA, Fine Art)

Lambert, et al (Carnegie Mellon, Fine Art)

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