UC Los Angeles Department of Art History
Graduate Digital Cultures Group announces

Digital Utopia? Digital Dystopia:
Rendering the Artistic Object

02.01.02 - 02.02.02
The conference will be held in Los Angeles, CA.
Deadline for the submission of proposals is October 15, 2001.
(Graduate Conference Terms)
  • This conference aims to examine a variety of aesthetic, political, and pragmatic effects of digital technology on the status of the artistic object.
  • We welcome and encourage interdisciplinary and unorthodox approaches.
  • We are considering proposals by graduate students for 20-minute workshop presentations expanding on any of the following areas:

Production: Impact of digital technologies on questions of medium.
Reception: Theorizing notions of interactivity and audience.
Politics: Questions of communities, access, and the rhetoric of revolution.
Language: Developing a language of aesthetics specific to digital media.


Sessions are scheduled in 2-hour slots, with a suggested maximum of four presentations from varied disciplines per session. Each workshop will be facilitated by a plenary speaker from the first day: Steve Kurtz, Carnegie Mellon; and Lev Manovich, UC San Diego; and Scott McCloud.

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