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Fall 2000 Conference: November 3-5


Conference Announcements and News

11/02/00 Conference Party. Saturday, November 4, 9:30 Conference Party at house of Bill Warner and Lizzie MacArthur: 2027 Santa Barbara Street: 569-5636 Our house is 2 blocks east of State Street; it is about 20 blocks from the ocean. Open to all conference participants.

11/01/00 Website by Timothy W. Luke. From Analogue to Digital Fordism

10/31/00 Paper by Susan Leigh Star. It's Infrastructure All the Way Down

10/30/00 PARKING ALERT. Everything that happens in Southern California ends up being about parking. As the doctors say, there's good news and bad news. The bad news is that the parking charge for Friday will be $5.00 per car. You can pay at the East or West Gate entrances to the campus, and parking personnel will direct you to the parking nearest to Kohn Hall. Since it is Parents Weekend, parking may not be very near. The good news: parking is free on Saturday and Sunday. Campus map.

10/30/00 Digital Broadside by William Warner. "The Geopolitics of Napster; or, New Media North and South"

10/29/00 Classroom of the Future Open Forum call for questions. Though it will open with short, informal statements by Alan Liu, Anne Friedberg, and Earl Jackson, Jr., The Classroom of the Future Open Forum (Saturday, Nov. 4th) is designed to be a discussion with the audience about the issues, scope, and structure of a possible Digital Cultures "casebook" on the "classroom of the future" concept. The session's web page contains resources and "seed questions" to help start discussion. Conference participants are invited to add further relevant questions by e-mailing the session organizer (Alan Liu) in advance of the event.

10/29/00 Paul Geller on Copyright. For Paul Geller's articles on point -- especially his latest one: "Copyright History and the Future: What's Culture Got to Do With It?" -- go to:

10/24/00 Announcements and News. Page goes online to provide users with conference news and announcements of newly posted resources by panelists.

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