English 192
Science Fiction
Spring 2002
Professor William Warner

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This is a sampling of digitially recorded lectures conducted during Spring 2002. Thanks to Andi Rosenberger.

April 25: The Left Hand of Darkness: "The Bridge of Difference"
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   April 25: The Stepford Wives: "Femininity in Stepford"
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   May 2: 2001: A Space Odyssey: "Instrumental Rationality"
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   May 7: 2001: A Space Odyssey: "Through the Stargate: Men Become Math"
     Guest Lecturer: TA Elizabeth Freudenthal     Download Now

   May 7: 2001: A Space Odyssey: "Science Fiction and the Contact Zone"
     Guest Lecturer: TA Steve Sohn
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   May 9: Star Trek [An Excerpt]
         Guest Lecturer: Prof Jim Donlan
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 May 14:  "Aliens, Robots & Cyborgs: The Non-Human Others of SF"
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   May 16: Blade Runner:
     "Utopia & Distopia"
       Guest Lecturer: TA Chris Hoffpauir
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May 21st: "A Genealogy of Cyberpunk"


May 23rd: "'Im a very technical boy': Cyberpunk and the Testing of Masculinity"


   May 16: Blade Runner:
    "Cyber-Noir: A Cultural Studies Reading of Blade Runner"
             Guest Lecturer: TA Jennifer Stoy
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May 28th: "Science Fiction Films' Visualization of the Unseen: from Linear Perspective to Cyberspace VR"



May 30th: "Mind and Body in The Matrix" (Part 1)

"Mind and Body in The Matrix" (Part 2)

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