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Director: William Warner, UC Santa Barbara

Resources for Events Led by
Michael Heim
2001 Digital Cultures Project Fellow
Period in residence at UC Santa Barbara: April 2-April 27th, 2001

Downloading Activeworlds to a PC:
Downloading Eduverse (Activeworlds for Education):
Downloading Blaxxun Contact (VRML Avatar Browser)
Downloading Adobe Atmosphere
Downloading Avatar Studio (Blaxxun / VRML) - Windows 98 only
Downloading Spazz 3-D: 3-D web authoring and animation tool that will be used in the workshop (Monday, April 9, 10AM-4PM) on designing Virtual Reality for avatar worlds. A fully functional 30 day trial of the software is available through the Virtock Technologies website.
Navigating in Activeworlds:
Quick Start Building in Activeworlds:
CyberForum Entrances


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