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Participants in the "Classroom of the Future Open Planning Forum," attendees of the Digital Cultures Project conference of which the forum is a part, and others visiting this Web site are invited to e-mail their suggestions, comments, and responses to the organizer of this panel. (e-mail Alan Liu)
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Nov. 2, 2000     

Ellen Strenski, Assistant Writing Director, Composition Program; Department of English and Comparative Literature; University of California, Irvine

Dear Alan,

The seed questions—indeed the panel and the whole project—are very exciting, and I'm looking forward to the conference. Since you've invited response to the seed questions, here's mine: a small worry that the emphasis on the visual scene and on the classROOM / classSPACE may result in undervaluing, especially for the humanities, the inward ear and classTIME (and narrative and memory and learning that is more recursive and writing-based than iconic). How about "Classtime of the Future," too?


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