The Technology of E-Literature Preservation: The Shape of a Solution

Chair, Alan Liu (English, UC Santa Barbara, director of Voice of the Shuttle and Transcriptions Project, author of The Laws of Cool: Knowledge Work and Information Culture) PAD Technology Plan Overview: Issues and Approaches

Nick Montfort (E-literature writer and scholar, technology analyst and journalist, RA at MIT Media Lab; co-editor of The New Media Reader., Ph.D. Student, Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania), "'Reading' Works That Are No Longer Readable: Emulators and Interpreters"

David Durand (SGML, XML, versioning, collaborative applications, Ph.D.from Brown University Computer Science Department.) and Liam Quin (SGML, XML; editor of journal Markup Languages: Theory & Practice; author of three books on XML; previously developer for SoftQuad, Inc. Currently W3C Staff Contact for the XML Core activity) "X-Literature: Building XML Representations of E-Literature"

Noah Wardrip-Fruin (E-literature writer and scholar, co-editor of The New Media Reader and Person: New Media as Story, Performance, and Game. Current a faculty memmer at the U. Baltimore's School of Information Arts and Technologies and a Creative Writing Fellow at Brown University), Robert Kendall and Jean-Hugues Réty (Adaptive hypertext systems; collaborator with Robert Kendall on Connection Muse. Assistant professor at Paris 8 University) "X-Literature Solutions for Archiving, Studying, and Authoring Electronic Literature"

Members of the ELO PAD Initiative's Technology/Software Committee will present an overview of technical approaches to preserving, archiving, and disseminating electronic literature. With the aid of examples and demonstrations, the panel will discuss the issues involved in keeping electronic literature "readable" despite changing hardware and software environments and enhancing such readability for scholars, authors, readers, and others through XML-based tools for bookmarking, annotating, searching, etc.