Good Vibrations: Writers, Artists, the Works
Marjorie Luesebrink (M.D. Coverley; Hypermedia author (Califia) and President, ELO Board of Directors)
Scott Rettberg (Assistant Professor of New Media Studies, Literature Program, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)

Thomas Swiss (English and Rhetoric of Inquiry, University of Iowa; Editor of The Iowa Review Web), Rediscovers selections from The Iowa Review Web TIRWeb
Lisa Jevbratt (Studio Arts & Media Arts and Technology, UCSB), Demos Softbot 1:1
Stephanie Strickland (Print and new media poet), reveals "V:Vniverse"
George Legrady (Studio Arts & Media Arts and Technology, UCSB), Premieres Melanie Wein's (Media Design, BA Ravensburg) "The Fleetingness of Bits"
Jason Nelson (Author of Flash narratives), A Flash Reading
Join us for a live performance of new and old, e-literature and e-art, readings and demonstrations: the wonder of e(X)Literature in action.