English 165mc: Media Culture: Film, Radio, Television, and the Internet
Winter, 2003
Professor William Warner

Team Projects

Advertising and the Artist Process:
Lucia Freschi, Audrey Craipain, Jamie Chicoine,
David Prodan

Advertising's Sublminal Messages for Susceptible Minds:
Paul Lumsdaine, Chris Munoz, Carol Wolcott

How Sex Sells in Advertising:
Vanessa Kendrick, Clayton Pence

Media Censorship on Network TV vs Cable TV:
Colleen O'Connor, Amber Berens, Julian Bonney

Portal of the Gulf War I, by American Media:
Roberto Napolitano, Garrett Bascom, Mika McKinnon, Emily Lemay

Media and the Promotion of Drug Use:
Sigrid Jensen, Lorissa Prescott

Media Images of Women and their Effects on Women's Health:
Nici Paterson, Comran Hojabrpour, Robert Sanchez

Celebrity Image and the Media:
Rebecca Miller, Samantha Percy

Development of Subcultures:
Jason Matsushino, Fernando Sanchez

The Evolution of Cartoon Family:
Ben Ly, Matt Cooper

Critics Influence on Shifts in Musical Trends:
Paul Lins, Nicole Tjomsland

LCI course: This course meets the requirement for English majors specializing in the Literature and the Culture of Information (LCI).

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